ISOThrive — microFood for improved gut health

  • Naturally fermented
  • Zero calories
  • No gas or bloating

Give your gut what it needs to keep you healthy

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What is ISOThrive?

ISOThrive is gastroenterologist-recommended microFood for the good bacteria in your gut. It is a lightly sweet nectar of prebiotic soluble fiber called MIMOTM (maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides).
No gas or bloating.

Protect Your Gut

We all have bacteria living in our gut. These bacteria are an integral part of how our body works and help keep us healthy. But to work properly, they need to be fed every day. When they don’t get the right type of microFood (they love ISOThrive) they can start eating the mucus lining of the gut.

A damaged gut lining can lead to many diseases and chronic health problems.

When fed a steady diet of fermented microFood, your gut bacteria help keep you healthy.

ISOThrive feeds your gut bacteria to keep you healthy.

What You’re Missing

Modern diets contain almost no bacterially fermented microFood, without which your gut cannot function properly and can be damaged with every meal.

ISOThrive gives you the gastroenterologist-recommended microFood you need to be healthy.

When your gut bacteria get the microFood they need every day, they keep you healthy by providing the following benefits:

digestive balance and regularity
healthy immune system
weight management
blood sugar management
healthy cholesterol levels
mineral absorption for bone health

Good for your gut

ISOThrive reduced my gas and bloating. What I didn’t
expect and what impressed me even more was I felt
less hungry and more energetic throughout the day.
Barbara K. Marsh-Wetherell  |  Redwood City, CA
The increased feeling of well-being and lack of food cravings were profoundly positive.
Jean Paul Fisher & Priscilla Silva  |  Vallejo, CA
I was more comfortable between meals. Because I
wasn’t crazy hungry by dinner, I didn’t overeat so I
felt better and lost weight too.
Michael Shulman  |  San Jose, CA
I am less hungry… I am beginning to feel that I can
actually trust myself around food, something that I do
not ever recall experiencing.
Allen Scarbrough  |  Fairfax, VA
I was less hungry… I lost a few pounds as I didn’t go
after the late night snacks like chips and ice cream.
I felt good and slept great.
Steve Chapman  |  Walnut Creek, CA
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